Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Interrupt the Regular Scheduled Programming...

...for Ducks and Couds??? DD#2 was with me last week at Walmart when I picked up household essentials, and at *HER* request we bought some fabric other than cotton muslin for her Spring semi-formal dress. She's going to a sleepover tonight and wanted some new pajama pants. She's always been a cuddly child (well, maybe not so much now at 14 ;) ) but ducks and clouds? She marches to the beat of her own drum and no one elses. Much like her Momma :) .

She thought these print fabrics were cute so I bought them for her, and she's been on my case to get them done by tonight. Yesterday I cut them out and basted them for fit. These are TNT, but she's really fussy about fit. Every fabric seems to feel (fitwise) slightly different to her. So I have to let out or take in a smidge here and there. The waistband just need to be done and the hem edge is already serged so it's just turn under and topstitch.

The original pattern calls for a homemade-like drawstring method, however, I prefer elastic. DD#2 wanted drawstring though. So I decided to blend both methods and use elastic on the back waist and drawstring on the front. I'm telling you--she is fussy. The waistband can't be too loose. That bothers her. So at least she'll be able to adjust the drawstring in the front to her comfort level.

This is the reason why I exclusively use the casing method for elastic over zigzagging elastic to the raw edge. Even if I cut the elastic to what she likes, the minute she tries on the pants she'll say, "Um, it's still too loose. Can you tighten it a bit more?" This usually happens 2 or 3 times until it's the way she likes it. So I'm hoping to avoid this with a drawstring front. The reason why I'm not doing the drawstring in the back is that I personally don't like something cutting into my back and thinnish drawstrings will do that. The same reason why I don't like halters knotted at my neck or back ties at my mid back. It's just a bad feeling. If I don't like it, she definitely won't like it either. So I have to take my shower, get moving, and go out to the fabric store to get some elastic this morning.

Once I'm finished with this, I will post pics of me in my redesigned top. I'm planning on wearing it today, then will baste the back princess seams permanently. I want to make sure I'm happy with the fit after a day's wear before permanently stitching the seams.


Marty said...

There's something about PJs that are good for the sewer's soul. My grandson is staying with us-still sleeping, the sweetie-and of course he had to bring the pajamas I made him. Even the two 13-year-olds love their bottoms.

Sewfast said...

Love the ducky fabric. Have you ever used the elastic that has a drawstring in it? Can't remember where I got it (I've had a supply for about 100 years when I used to make basketball shorts for my daughter) You make two eyelet or button holes in the front of the casing for the drawstrings to go through and it makes for a very professional look. I'll see if I can find you a link...I am almost out of it myself!

Sewfast said...

Here's a link for the drawstring elastic. Not as hard to find as I thought it would be...I heart the internet!

Lisa Laree said...

Oh, my! Flashbacks!!!

I made about 16 pairs of pajamas for the one-act play my oldest daughter's drama magnet class did for competition her senior year (5 years ago). I declare that is the same cloud flannel we used...

It *does* make great jammies!

Rhoto said...

Maybe I'll make a pair of soft pink-with-roses PJs... Never have anything "appropriate" to wear when company is around... I'm more the silky gown-type ;)
You're a good mom, Kat!! (I used to do all that "requested" sewing for my MOM!)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

goodworks1 said...

lol. If my daughter weren't a mom herself these days, I'd say you've perfectly described a purchase/sewing/fitting day with her.

On the other hand, those look so cuddly I'm almost tempted to make some for myself...even though I never wear jammy bottoms, just cotton knit nightgowns. ;)

Cindy Lou said...

Hi Kathy-- I just discovered your blog! :) I'm so excited!

Regarding PJ's: I now *always* make mine with an elasticized drawstring. It's my personal fave, and I find that other people love it as well. Yes, it's slightly more painful, but well worth it.
And I love your Coldwater-esque minidress/top! Very spohisticated.
I hope business is great (sounds like it is!). Any chance you're going to PR-Portland?