Monday, February 23, 2009

S4074 In Action!

Here's the Simplicity 4074 wrap dress on the proud owner :) ! I really like it, although I don't find it to be the most flattering. Wraps are supposed to be slimming, and I was hoping for that type of silhouette. Perhaps it is the Slinky fabric. It's hard to see the diagonal and vertical lines of the dress so maybe that's it. Also, I had to take in the waist 2" and it could probably use a bit more. We'll see how the dress shapes up with version no. 2 in a velvet knit.

Here's the back, virtually wrinkle free:

IMO, Slinky is a dressy, yet sporty, fabric. Therefore, I did double needle topstitching on the neckline, sleeve and dress hems as shown here:

I also tacked the front to avoid overexposure. The weight of the Slinky is always an issue for me. Facings were also omitted--turn and topstitching was quick and easy.

The only thing I don't really like about the dress? The neckline on the sides of the neck is very close and curves slightly up. The result is a broad shouldered look, and I'm anything BUT broad shouldered. Narrow shouldered to be exact. I can overlook that though, because overall the fit is really nice. The nature of Slinky at work...very forgiving ;) . And lots of alterations/blended sizing to make it work just right.

Please, don't talk about my shoes LOL! Ugly flats for sure. A bit of heel would do a lot for the total look. Gotta get myself some nice, *comfortable* black heels. Where the heck do I find those???

Off to work on a tutorial...


Tamara said...

I think the dress looks great on you!

Lindsay T said...

Nice work! I like your photo studio.

Cennetta said...

Great dress. You look gorgeous in it.

angie.a said...

I love the dress! I never have had much success with slinky. Too impatient to deal with its issues.