Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts on the Redesign

First muslin of my Santa Monica Tee to Fashionable Tunic has been made. It's fairly good. Some tweaking was necessary because of the side view. See below:

The gathering was fine under the bust in the front. What wasn't fine is that it just "hung" under the bust, more like straight down from the apex. From the front it looked fine, from the side not so good. So I decided more shaping was necessary in the upper front bodice piece. I created a vertical dart under the apex then transferred it to the side seam. The horizontal bust dart will be stitched in fabric. This will give the side view a more shapely appearance instead of the dreaded "tent effect". This way, it will hug the body under the bust.

Also, instead of using all gathering, I will use two pleats in the lower piece in the area of the bust apex with gentle gathers right at the center front. The pleats will be stitched down about 1 - 2" below the horizontal seam. This way I still get the look of gathering at the front, but the pleats will help it look not so "preggo" from the side view.

The back side view was horrendous. No matter what I did--gathering or pleat/tucks--it made me look like I had a bubble backside. I eliminated the horizontal seam on the back on the pattern and am just using vertical princess seams all the way down on the back. Much more flattering.

The lower sleeves need a bit more balanced fullness and the horizontal seam on the sleeve needs to be moved down one inch. It was bothering my elbow.

All these changes/alterations were done this afternoon. The pattern is now ready for good fabric. I'm really excited about this top because it can be a hip little dress with boots or a sporty tunic top with jeans or leggings. I'm shooting for a new top by this Friday. Wish me luck!

BTW, a big Thank You to Connie for another Kreativ Bog Award! I've been feeling out of it the past several days and that made me feel much better.

Also, did the groundhog see his shadow today? You would think since I live in groundhog country that I would know, but I don't.

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