Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Those Welt Pockets.

I was able to finish the interfacing and stitch and topstitch the CB seam of my wool coat. Then I got lucky--bad weather! We stayed home and I had a three-hour time block to work on my leather welt pockets. I studied the size of the leather welts on DD#1's Varsity jacket, looked at a jacket I made with welts about two years ago, and decided on an appropriate size. The welts are 3/8" wide.

The leather was giving me a little headache. I surmised ordinary interfacing might not be suitable and found some hair canvas from my revamped leather skirt I worked on a while back. When I removed the waistband, I saved the interfacing knowing it might come in handy. It did tonight. It is keeping the welts crisp with no stretching. I'm using my fave welt instructions--Ann's article from Threads.

The only thing that was difficult on my welt sample was keeping the lips together. I couldn't zigzag them so I omitted that step and it certainly made the alignment difficult. For the real deal, I'll handstitch on the wrong side of the crease to keep the lips together. I'm saving the welts from the sample for one of the pockets on my jacket. No way is the leather going to be wasted. One of the welts will have to be rebasted as there is a little pulling/stretching of the leather on the lower lip. Not noticeable to anyone but a sewer looking for as much perfection as possible.

I'll leave you with two pics--the sample welt and the possible position on the front:

Nighty night! I'm off to dream about coats :) .


Sewfast said...

Nice sample! Can't wait to see the coat! Mary

Tamara said...

Beautiful welt!

Cennetta said...