Friday, January 16, 2009

The Coat is DONE!

What a day! The kids had a two-hour delay so I was able to get the buttons on the coat and call it done! Pictures first, followed by a review.

Here's my version (I tried to get the same pose as the pattern...):

Here's the Burda version on right:

Other views (yeah, I'm back to that black leather skirt. It just goes with everything!):

The significance of the first garment project of the year!:

Working on the review right now. Lots of info on this one. This is my first garment of the year. I like it so much I plan on making another as my next project. Everything went smoothly--no major issues.

Comments on bagging the lining: Claire Shaeffer's instructions in the book are great. However, I probably wouldn't use them for a first-ever lining project. I would highly recommend doing jackets and coats with linings (not bagging them) first. Maybe 2 or 3. Then the concept of bagging will seem pretty clear. Attaching the lining to the facings and neckline is easy. That's what we're typically used to. The hem and sleeve hems are done pretty much the same way. That's the part that can be a little confusing so the instructions have to be followed to a T if you don't bag a lot of linings.

Claire's book covered areas to interface which were very similar to what I already do. She had info on creating sleeve heads from wadding as opposed to batting, the difference being the edges of the wadding can be feathered. It didn't matter for my project because the wool was a nice weight.

The lining was drafted as per Claire's instructions. I was going to use the pattern's lining but nixed the idea. Her lining instructions were clear and they appeared to be very good technique-wise.

I used the 1/2" shoulder pads that were in my stash. Part of the 10 or so pairs I bought back in the mid/late '80's when I thought the big shouldered look would never go out of style LOL. Her lining instructions are written to accomodate shoulder pads too. I topstitched the collar, front edges, and back CB seam. I looked at my daughter's and my pea coat for guidance on where to topstitch.

Here are some more pics of details. Coat front:

Leather welt pocket on front:
Topstitching detail. I used blue thread. I wanted definition of a topstitchingline but no color. I was going to use the blue for the buttonholes but DD#1 said, "No way!" She commented that this was one of those times where she was definite that the buttonholes should be done in black. She looked at the two samples and was sure. So I followed her advice like a good mother ;) . Sure wish it worked the other way LOL.
Sleeve hem/lining:
Coat lining:
Button detail. I think these were from JoAnn's. They were okay. I sure wish I lived closer to NYC sometimes. It would be great to be able to see, feel, and peruse the selection of notions in trim stores.
Back with a topstitched back seam:
That's pretty much it with the photos. Overall, I am so pleased with this coat. It is a little boxy, but I think it works for my figure. My legs are long and thin so it balances out the boxy style. I have some PR Weekend 2006 wool and a matching lovely lining in my stash and I want to make the same coat again. My wardrobe is in desparate need of nice coats. I'm getting tired of the same old, same old, black and grey pea coats I see in the stores.
And I'll tell ya! This coat didn't come too soon! I finished on what will likely be the coldest day/night of the year. Something like a low of 0 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. That means lots of homes in our area with frozen pipes!
Happy Sewing and STAY WARM if you're in 3/4 of the US.


Rhoto said...

Yeah, Kat!!! Looks GREAT on you!! Especially with your legs!! ;)
It was 30 degrees below F. with the windchill factor here today!!)
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Cennetta said...

Outstanding, Kat! You did a fantastic job of constructing and styling your coat. The animated photo shoot takes your presentation up two notches. Way to go, Girl!

Dana said...

Wow, the coat looks great! The details are fantastic!

Sigrid said...

Congratulations on finishing this wonderful coat. The style really works for you. Looking very good!

Gorgeous Things said...

Fantastic job! I love the way your welt pockets turned out. Brava!

Sewfast said...

Simply gorgeous Kat and I loved your fashion shoot! You're right, it looks great with everything, especially the leather skirt! Mary

Alexandra said...

It is beautiful! I love that collar and the pockets! Great poses, too.

Lindsay T said...

Very nice job! Me too, I love your welt pockets.

Jackie said...

It's beautiful! I love the leather welt pockets! Great work!

Tamara said...

The coat looks wonderful on you! Great job!