Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Coat in the Works.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments on my coat! I wore it out yesterday and today, and it is quite warm and comfortable. The psychology of dressing well (or better than usual) is quite amusing to me. I wore my coat with my black boots and leggings yesterday and the doors opened up for me, literally. People not only hold doors open, but use their body to hold them and use hand gestures, nods, and smiles for entry. Fashion diva DD#1 has given her begrudging nod of approval too.

Anyway...I'm going to make the same coat again! Maybe make it a touch more slimming as it is very boxy. IMO, diagonal welts are a must to add a visual dimension of a slimmer profile. I'll box the armhole/side seam area in tissue and move it in a bit toward the CF, then true the cutting line.

Here's the fabric I pulled out of my closet waiting to be used. It's a blue-ish/purple-ish wool from Paron's in NYC with a lining that I think PR members JodiB or Connie helped me pick out at PR Weekend 2006. I can't remember where the lining came from as we were just looking for any fabric stores that were open in NYC that Sunday morning. Sorry, it is a little blurry but the colors are fairly accurate, at least on my screen.

I'm thinking about calling Leather Suede Skins in NYC and seeing if I could send them swatches of my fabric so they could match a nice gold-toned leather to the fabric and lining. I'm thinking of muted gold-toned leather welts with gold-ish type of buttons. Ones that would match perfectly with the lining. If you have never had the pleasure of going to this store, let me tell you, it's a can't-miss visit. You wouldn't believe the incredible leathers they have. Not just solids but the most amazing finishes in a rainbow of colors. Of course, the more fancy the finish, the higher the price. I have to order more Palmer/Pletsch interfacing, but think I have appropriate interfacing for the leather welts already in my stash.

After that? Maybe a red or hot pink coat. I want colorful coats! But that coat will be a fitted, pea coat style. I think three new coats should hold me for this winter. I already have the pattern for that one, but have to tissue fit it to make sure the fit and proportion is just right.

Also in my plans are this dress for DD#2's Spring semi-formal in May. I bought her one pattern, then another pattern, then this third pattern. We both feel this last pattern is a charm and feel it is THE one. Here it is:

We both really like the green dress. The upward curved empire band would be very slimming IMO. In fact, I like it for myself as much as for her :) . We'll work on fitting and doing a muslin during during my coat projects. Why start so early? May will here in three blinks. She's very excited about picking out fabric for the dress. I told her we will go to JoAnn's. Our closest JoAnn's is about 45 minutes, but they usually have really nice dressy occasion fabrics. She's already telling me that I'll be making all her dresses for a very long time. My reply? "No I won't. Because you are going to learn to love sewing!"

This proud sewing geek is off to pet her wool fabric...BTW, if you want a respite from these bitterly cold temps, check out Susan's blog cruising blog here. You'll feel warm just reading it and looking at her lovely pics.


Anonymous said...

I remember that fabric--I'm thinking the lining came from H&M, the last place we shopped before my DH came for us. Where I bought both the brown and loden wools. Which I haven't cut into yet!

I can't wait to see the hot pink coat!

Tina W

Lindsay T said...

Ooh, love that wool! I think it's the color of my new blog banner.