Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Great Little Gem of a Book.

Do you have this book?

I bought this book several years ago, read it, and put it back on the shelf. I knew at some point I'd dust it off and use it and decided to do just that two days ago. I also have Jackets for Real People, but there is a reason I love this pocket reference and I'll tell you why.

It covers all phases of tailoring with different methods for each task. It has the couture method, an easy method, an easier method, and (the one I like best!) the easiest method explained in plain English. For example, on my coat back I just made, a piece of cotton muslin or other approriate material is usually used as the back stay. I chose to use a piece of good quality fusible interfacing, and that recommendation is actually in the book as the "Easiest" method ***depending on certain factors*** which was fine for my coat.

I'm not a huge fan of couture sewing and will pick any method that is quicker than doing handstitching of any kind *when appropriate*. However, if at some point in the future (like the "retirement" years LOL) if I wish to do a couture method, what needs to be done is right there in black and white.

Just mentioning this book because it really is a little gem. Inexpensive, but lots of good info in a very easy read format typical of most of the Palmer/Pletsch books. Using the Easiest techniques when appropriate means pressing harder on the sewing gas pedal. Anyone who is a slow sewer like me will likely be just as enthusiastic about this book. Or maybe a little lazy (that's me too!).

Oh, forgot to mention in my previous post. I HAVE A NEW IRONING BOARD!!! If you only knew how awful my current ironing board is, you'd know why I'm so excited about it that I have to text-scream it. My ironing board is over 20 years old and has a permanent tilt. It's so bad that I have to worry about my iron falling off it. DD#1 got in the car and she was mildly excited about it, too, as she saw it laying across the back seat of my van. She actually irons her clothes from time to time. Now I just have to clean some goop off my iron and we'll be good to go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I like the different levels!

Marty said...

Yes, I have that book! I've peeked in it, but haven't really used any techniques yet. Yay for a new ironing board! I need to make a new cover, but my experience is that covers, homemade or purchased tend to be temperamental, so I've been putting that job off.