Monday, January 12, 2009

Slow Moving Progress

Yesterday I wanted to finish the welt pockets, however, I only got as far as doing the openings. Here is where I am:

I only got this far because of the silly things I do (or rather forget to do) when I sew garments. Take this coat. How many coats do I make per year? Maybe one or two. Then I'll go a couple of years, then go back to them. This means a lot of little things I pick up on to do, I forget to do the next time around.

Take the stitching at the neckline and hemlime. I MUST baste in the stitching lines on the collars and front neckline and hems. My problem is I stitch them (my sewing pitfall is accuracy), then find out the hemline is slightly uneven at the CF. I hate that. Then I have to fiddle to get it to look right. Also, I should have spent the extra time cutting out each piece on a single layer of fabric. That would be ultimate grainline accuracy. But I didn't. On the next coat coming up I will do that. Because of those tiny nuances, I had to spend 45 minutes checking, double checking, triple checking the placement of the welt pockets and making sure the angles were correct on each side.

And then there's putting the jacket on the dressform. It helps and it hurts. It's a DTD which mimics any body asymetry. I usually wouldn't alter for asymetry in coats and didn't on this one. So I have to remember not to pay too much attention to a slightly uneven hem. I'm looking at the hem at eye level and virtually no one is going to be looking at it that way. A slight 1/4" dip somewhere is not going to be noticed by anyone but me. I have to remember not to get bogged down with particulars.

I don't know if I'll get the pocket bags on today, but the leather welt lips should get done.

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Anonymous said...

Recently I sewed my own coat for the first time. I am enjoying watching your progress. I have been looking for a 3/4 length sleeve pattern. Thanks for sharing your updates.