Thursday, January 10, 2008

Progress is my Middle Name

;) . Couldn't resist...that post title is for my DH--(inside joke).

But it's the truth. Yesterday I made real progress on my jacket as you can see from the pic. Today I will attach the facings and get started on the lining. The only part that bugs me out is the cutting out and block fusing. I've said it before about how much I loathe block fusing, but cutting is also my bugaboo. I've been SO spoiled by making summer tees, tanks, and simple winter tops that cutting out anything with more than four pieces makes me push it off because of the time element. And space, definitely. It means I have to cut at the kitchen table, and therefore, it must be clean. So any cutting has to be done when the kids are in school lest I risk getting food spots on my fabric.

But once those time consuming things are done, everything just goes so smoothly and quickly. I did sew one jacket seam and decided to seam rip and hand baste all my seams before machine stitching them. It let me get more control at making sure everything was matching up the way it should be. I can't wait to work with the lining. It is probably a b**ch to sew, but it feels and looks luxurious.

I can't wait until it's finished! This jacket is needed pronto because my black wool pea coat must be dry cleaned. And the buttons...Ohhh! The buttons on my RTW pea coat were becoming loose and one fell off. So I get this brainiac idea to sew the one back on *AND* all the rest much more securely. I was at the batting cages when I did it and talking to one of my friends and sewed right through my pockets on four of them--two on each side! So now at least four of them must come off and resewn back on more carefully.

You'd think I could talk and sew at the same time, but no. It just doesn't happen, at least for me LOL! A blonde moment for sure.

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kasizzle said...

Can't wait to see the finished jacket!