Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hmmm...What to do?

Busy weekend. Even though our usual things to do got cancelled, I still got caught up in doing paperwork and phone calls for softball yesterday and I spent about 5 hours of my time today at tryouts. By the time I get home, boxed macaroni and cheese is all I feel like making and the kitchen is a mess from a busy weekend. Forget the kitchen table! There will be no cutting out today. Still, I wanted to get something done sewing wise so I had a choice to make. Seam rip a side seam on my leather skirt or work on my dusty pants muslin. The pants muslin won out. The front and back darts were sewn, waist and crotch staystitching done, now I have to put them together. So maybe I'll make more progress on this tomorrow.

Interestingly, on TV right now is a show called, (I think), the World's Littlest Person. Think WE have problems with RTW??? This 13-year old girl has a severe form of dwarfism, and they just showed her going clothes shopping. She wanted to get some teen-style clothes but has to shop in a toddler store. She left defeated in a store with snap-crotch clothes and non-hip styles. I know there are nitch stores/mail order companies for talls and petites, but I never really thought about clothing stores for truly little people. It's hard to imagine being a tiny teen and not being able to find any hip and trendy clothes whatsoever. Poor girl!

Anyway, it sure is nice to get at least a little sewing done today.

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