Monday, December 24, 2007

A sweet story :) !

I have a great little story to share. My DH came out this morning and said, "Happy Anniversary! It's the 22nd anniversary of our first Christmas Eve when we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together!!" It was our third date . It was so sweet.

My favorite Christmas tree ornaments are the ones that take center front at the top of the tree every year. My SIL gave us the First Christmas Together pillow ornament for our first married Christmas together (well, actually our second ). That goes right at the top center. To the left is the groom, the right is the bride. Those are Hallmark ornaments and I had to buy not only the bride and groom set, but an extra bride because the bride in the set was a brunette. That just wouldn't do because they had to look like us so I bought the extra blonde bride to match the brown-haired groom. They *had* to match us. Right below that trio is the Hallmark Ornament of the Grand Theater. On our first date we went to an old time cinema just like the one portrayed in the ornament (even with a balcony!) and it was also called The Grand. When that came out, I knew I *had* to add that. It was calling my name. It's a very nostalgic ornament for us.

Of course, there are plenty of other wonderful ornaments like the kids' first Christmas ornaments, the sports figures, cars, trains, Star Wars, Barbies, etc., but the ones in the pic just have so much meaning and wonderful memories attached to them.

Just thought I'd share something special on this warm and cozy Christmas Eve :) !

Our First Christmas Together and matching Bride and Groom

Our "First Date" Ornament

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