Friday, December 28, 2007

Progress part 5--almost there!

Happy news on my dress! It is almost done. I just have to finish the back vent, hem the dress and fiddle with the back armhole. I added just a tad too much width in the upper back so I'm going to see if taking a smidge out at the dress armhole will be okay.

So glad it is underlined in cotton batiste and not Ambiance too. I've tried it on several times for tweaking and the cotton warm. Every time I put it on, I think of Ambiance and get the chills. Great for summer, but NOT for winter, at least for me.

Almost forgot. I have to get my 80's shoulder pads out of my supply box. Way back when (and I do mean way back when!), I bought at least 12 pairs of shoulder pads sometime in the mid to late 80's. What was I thinking??? Must have thought big shoulders would be forever. The naivete of a late teen/early 20 something. How I so wanted to look like Krystal and Alexis Carrington with those elegant clothes and "beefy" shoulders. There's even a Dynasty pattern still in my stash LOL! The dress pattern I'm using is from the early 90's and still requires those 1/2" pads. I can tell there was extra room in the dress design for them. But it's not ridiculously big in the shoulders so it will be okay. (Or so I think.)

And when I finish, I can back to my jacket. Tonight I got sidetracked by finishing a Christmas present for my daughter's friend. We're going to see her tomorrow night and DD#2 forgot to add her name to my pillowcase sewathon for her friends.

Gosh, I still have to catch up on blog reading. Hopefully tomorrow. I just saw Cenetta's/The Mahogany Stylist's absolutely AWESOME coat on her blog when doing a quick check. Didn't have time to post an comment, but DO check out the coat she made for her daughter. Think Designer Knockoff contest for sure!


kasizzle said...

I wanted to ask you, when you block fuse, do you preshrink your interfacing? If so, how?
Can't wait to see the dress!

Kat said...

No, I don't preshrink because I'm using the Palmer/Pletsch *Light* interfacing which shouldn't need to be preshrunk. I've used the P/P Tailor interfacing on other projects which does need to be preshrunk and have followed the P/P instructions of a hot water soaking, gently squeeze out the excess water, and hang it over my shower rod to dry.

If only there were enough hours in a day to finish the dress today...