Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lucky break!

I'm sitting in the parking lot at the high school today waiting for my daughter to come and out and my cell phone rings. Don't really recognize the number, but I picked up anyway and thank goodness! It was my sister calling and she was at Paron's in NYC. I asked her to pick me up another couple yards of wool fabric for a coat I'm planning on making "soon". When I picked up two beautiful wools during PR Weekend, I didn't look at my pattern envelope info and only bought two yards. What was I thinking??? Luckily, they had extra fabric for at least one of the wools, and with the extra money she bought me some nice lining that was 50% off. She said it would be great coat lining and I trust her judgment.

In a few days, I will go down to JoAnn's and pick up a short, boxy jacket pattern, one with fancy sleeves that is so popular right now, and make up a short jacket with remaining wool piece that is only 2 yards. I have some great buttons to match with that wool so whatever pattern I use must have buttons. Does anyone have any suggestions on cute jacket patterns? It has to be a McCall's or Vogue because those are the ones on sale in the next few days.

Now I'm going to get off my rear end to finish up some evening chores and maybe have some time to start cutting out my dress.

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