Thursday, December 13, 2007

Progress part 2

Snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Yeah, it's bad if you have to go out, but not if you plan on staying in...providing that the electricity doesn't go out. The kids were off school today due to the weather and they kept busy reading and shoveling. Two batches of Christmas cookies were made today--Snow Mounds and Cherry Chocolate Chip (DH's absolutel favorite) AND I did a lot of block fusing. In fact, I ran out of interfacing and have to wait for more that should arrive tomorrow or Saturday. Tomorrow I pick up my lining fabric from the dry cleaners.

Tonight, I'm hoping to cut out the first four pattern pieces for my jacket, and tomorrow (hopefully!) I can cut out the lining pieces. Anything but the sheer boredom of block fusing! Maybe if I can rent the new Harry Potter DVD tomorrow it won't be so bad.

ETA...adding pics...I'm done cutting the four pieces!!! Three are shown below--yeah!

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The downside of block fusing! Look at all the high quality wasted interfacing :( . All that good stuff down the financial drain. That really stinks.

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And some more good stuff. The first batches of cookies. I put some in little baggies for me for the weekend. I don't eat junk food during the week and if I don't stash some (they're under the veggies in the produce drawer in the fridge so no one will look there) there won't be any left for me. Shhhh!

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This weekend is our second "future ASG" meeting! We have five definites who are interested and trying to spread the word. I can't wait to get through our mini "agenda" and hear about everyone's recent projects and favorite notions. The sewing gods are smiling on us too! The weather is bad today and will be bad Sunday, but looks we'll be spared Saturday morning. Maybe we can get some pics of our fab group sewing meeting.

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