Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy SWAK Anniversary and my sewing/shopping trip!

Today is a wonderful day! It is exactly 22 years since my DH kissed for the very first time, and I remember it like it was yesterday :) . So a big happy SWAK Anniversary to my husband! In fact, I just saw a news clip on TV this morning about the first kiss making or breaking the relationship, and his was definitely a deal maker ; !!

On to sewing stuff...I made the trip down to JoAnn's today and picked up some goodies. I had a long list of McCall's and Vogues, but narrowed down the McCall's to two and the Vogue ones weren't my size range. If the pattern doesn't include 10/12/14 sizes, then I really think about it. If I can wait, I will. That is a good size range with minimal alterations for me and it just makes things so easy to blend the sizes as necessary.

So what were my goodies? Check out the pic below! :)

There's a lot of marking pens, an extra seam ripper, point turner, thread, microtex and stretch needles, blue satin backed crepe and a fancy lining fabric for my black/white herringbone Christmas coat/jacket, and two McCall's patterns. The crepe was on sale for $2/yard, the lining was $10 with my 50% off coupon, and all the notions were 50% off. The McCall's patterns, of course, were $1.99/pattern. A heartfelt thank you to Lovely for pointing out this sale in her blog! She saved me a bundle on this trip. Even the ladies at the pattern table weren't aware of the sale and were happy when I mentioned it to them. Gotta enable when you can, right?!