Monday, December 3, 2007

Creative Inspiration

After looking at so many wonderful sewing blogs, I've decided on my 2008 sewing goal: sewing classy, dressy ensembles. For example, a dress with a jacket, or a blazer with matching pants. I'm going for the "whole" look. Casual tops can wait until late Spring. Currently I'm planning my new outfit: The black/white herringbone wool jacket from Simplicity 4047 and a red, silk dupioni dress that is a Vogue OOP (7664--around 1990, I think). I have the dressy black shoes, have the long black gloves, even have the red silk (can't remember where I picked that up and the black/white wool from Paron's in NYC, both purchased during PR Weekend 2006. Essentially, I'm beginning my 2008 goal early :). I've included pics of the patterns and fabric.

I'm trying to recreate the model's look on the front of Simplicity 4047, although my red dress is going to be a little longer. The waist inset on the dress is flattering on my figure, and it's one I've made many years ago when I was working. I just tried on my dress made from this pattern a few days ago to check the fit and the only alterations made to it way back when were lengthening the sleeves and skirt portion. Other than that, I was surprised how much I loved the fit. Now and back then. (Well, the inset across the tummy is a little more snug than it used to be...) A few minor tweaks here and there (which I've done already) and it's good to go. I'm going to go with the collarless dress w/long sleeves. Hmmm...on second thought maybe not--forgot about my gloves. Darn thing is, there's only 23 days left until Christmas. Hopefully I can swing it, but I'm not going to get upset about it if I can't. Gosh, I'm still working on my pants muslin and there's still so much shopping and housecleaning to do before the big day. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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