Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots of New Stuff!

Boring post because there are no pics today.  However, I've been very busy and my machines have been smokin'!  First off, I made a quickie, no-pattern-needed knit top from the Threads website.  I became a Threads Insider last month and have been checking things out here and there and am very interested in reducing my stash.  Thus, my vast knit stash has been reduced by at least yard.  I know, I know, just a yard.  But every little bit helps.

Second, I'm halfway through making a dress for myself from my previous post on my daughter's McCalls black LBD.  She liked it and took it back to college .  It was a little short for me though.  Again, using up some stash yardage of a beautiful blue and black shiny brocade purchased from the first PR Weekend I attended.  About 2007, I think.  

And finally, a quick knit top from my Textile Studio TNT pattern that I have morphed so many different ways.  I used a knit purchased from Kashi at Metro Textiles from PR Weekend last May. 

Pics are coming.  I'm just so busy.  Also working on four pillows for my daughter's two littles in her sorority this semester.  Making two more for my niece (also in the same sorority) that is also taking on two littles.  The pillows will have appliqued greek letters on them and the names possibly embroidered.  I'm still waiting on that directive from my daughter.   I asked my daughter what do you call two littles in the same family line because I've never heard of taking two.  She responded, (a duh on my part) "They're called twins."  How cute!  She also requested two pink, fleece embroidered sorority hats--another stash reducer. 

Must get going.  Lots to do and so little time.