Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why do I always do this???

This is a boring post. Just a rant. No pics. No need to read any further if you're looking for something remotely interesting.

Just wondering why I always make clothes for my oldest daughter, send them off with her, and never take a pic of the project first? It happens a lot! Like this past weekend. She came home from college, and we were headed out for grocery shopping. She asked her sister if she could borrow a sweatshirt, but I said there was no need to because her finished black, fleece jacket was hanging in the closet.

It looked great on her with her jeans and black boots. I was proud of my project, and that she liked it. She did mention the identical grey jacket I sent to her last month got her lots of compliments by her friends. Anyway, I drove her back to college AND NEVER TOOK A PIC OF HER IN THE JACKET!

Dummy me. Now I'm going to have to beg her for a pic lol. And her phone doesn't always take the best of pics either. Might as well wait until May.