Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Simplicity "Sew Simple" pattern

Last month I bought a cute jacket pattern I thought DD#1 might like at college. It's Simplicity 2024, a "Sew Simple" multi-size pattern (10-22).

On the pattern sheets there is a square that illustrates morphing between sizes for a perfect fit. Yeah, I do that. But there are at least two pattern pieces, maybe 3 because I can't remember for sure, that have the "old" 3 separate pattern pieces for (let's say) the collar/tie. As in "sizes 10 and 14 on piece X, sizes 12, 16, 18 on piece X, sizes 20 and 22 on piece X. I was VERY lucky! My morphing sizes are 10 and 14. I wouldn't have been too happy putting pattern pieces together and then morphing them. What a time hog. However, I thought it was kind of funny that the pattern is "Sew Simple", pattern morphing is illustrated for perfect sizing, then some of the pattern pieces are two or three sizes so the user has to pick/choose the appropriate one, then morph from two or three pieces on to a new one if they need to fine tune the fit.

If I was a newbie sewer, it would be very confusing in regard to the sizing aspect. And it does require a little thinking to morph properly on this pattern. So I thought it was kind of an oxymoron to call this pattern "Sew Simple". Yes, the sewing IS simple. Mostly thoughtless sewing, the kind experienced sewers could almost do with their eyes closed. However, the pattern pieces are not "sew simple" for a newbie sewer that might pick up this pattern and think it's easy based on that label. Especially if they want to morph it.

Really, it's just a minor vent. And I guess a newbie would probably sew the entire jacket in one size. Just thought it was weird because it actually does take some thinking in the pre-cutting/sewing stages. While it is simple to sew, it's more on the time-consuming side to fit. It's just one of those kind of patterns that surprised me in that regard.

Oh well, the pattern has been morphed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be cutting the fabric and interfacing.