Tuesday, September 25, 2012

McCalls 6111

I've been sewing SO much lately, and my blogging has been non existent.  However, I have decided to actually do a blog post on McCalls 6111.  My dress has already been reviewed at Pattern Review so all details have been posted in my review.

I'm just including a few extra pics.  This is a dress for my daughter who needs some black dresses for sorority functions.  I see what she pins on Pinterest on her fashion board, and I thought this little number fit in with styles she likes.  The feature I like the most about this dress is the low back with straps that are knotted into a bow just above the waist.  I used a Slinky knit for the dress (not recommended by the pattern--wovens) and black lace on top of black silk organza for the straps.  It worked out just fine.  This is a bias cut dress so if you normally don't sew bias-cut garments, do a little review homework before making this.  I forgot to do that, but I don't think it mattered.

What I love about this style--it's hip and cute.  What I hate about this style--can't wear a strapless or conventional bra.  Must use those stick on cups or uniboob devices with adhesive. 

Here are several poses of this dress.  My major alteration was to create two, waist tucks extending near the bust apex.  The dress needed shape.  My daughter didn't not want a "bag".  There is PLENTY of ease in this dress.  I didn't make it fitted, just took out some excess as I didn't want to totally change the style.  Just wanted it to look more like the pattern cover photo.

That's it for now!  It's a cute little dress perfect for those pretty young things in the late teen/early 20-something group.