Friday, October 24, 2008

Unfortunate Events

I had a baseball game to go to for my sons tonight. 8:00 p.m under the lights in a neighboring town. I don't like to drive late on Friday and Saturday nights as I'm always thinking about drunk drivers, especially since a prominent local person was killed in a head-on collision last week very close to where we live. We don't know if the other driver was "impaired", however, he does have history of reckless driving and public drunkenness.

So I'm thinking of these things, get to the game and everything is fine. Until a foul ball goes up over the fence, over the net above it, into the stands, and slams right into the eye/temple area of a mom on our team. She was bending over to protect her child from the ball. She took one of the worse hits you can imagine and had to be taken away in an ambulance. She appeared to be having a seizure while laying on the bench and was in terrible, terrible pain. She passed out briefly, the came to, but was bleeding from her nose. She wasn't hit in the nose so this is very troubling.

During moments like this, it always seem like the ambulance takes forever. They took her by stretcher to the ambulance, and about 15 minutes later we were told she was going into shock as she was being taken to the hospital. Her kids were terribly distraught, and it seemed like her dad was just trying to be calm to hold things together for the kids.

Please pray for this lady. She is a very nice person, and this was a terrible thing that happened. It's is the type of hit that moms always worry will happen to their kids and it happened to her, in front of her family.


kasizzle said...

How scary. I hope she'll be okay. She'll be in my thoughts...
My dd was in a car wreck coming home from school yesterday and I didn't wait for the ambulance. I took her to the ER myself. I knew she would freak out if they strapped her to a backboard.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kathy. I'm so sorry that happened. I'll keep her in my thoughts.


Lindsay T said...

Omigosh, how horrible. Keep us posted, ok?