Friday, October 17, 2008

My Book Order Arrived!

I forgot to mention yesterday that my three sewing books I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday. In August I went to Border's books and was going to purchase two books but held off. Glad I did! They were about $8-$10 less at Amazon. I thought they seemed a little expensive at the store.

The books I purchased were:

Sew What Skirts found in this link:

Sew Everything Workshop found in this link:

Sew U: Built By Wendy found here:

I like all three, but am planning on using the Sew Everything Workshop book as the textbook for my sewing students. If they find they like sewing, I would highly recommend the other two, along with something like the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing and More Fabric Savvy. The Sew Everything Workshop book is very well written, has some patterns enclosed, and is really a great deal for the information in the book.

I bought the Sew What Skirts book because I've been looking for a wrap skirt pattern, just like the first one I made from a Simplicity Jiffy pattern back in 1980. Never found it on the Internet, but the wrap skirt in there is very much like that first project.

Two more books are coming in the mail. One is the Thread-A-Bowls book, the other...I can't remember LOL. It IS one I wanted though.

More later...I'm halfway through my catch-up on blog reading.


Sewfast said...

Dear Kat...Good choice of textbook for your students. I bought the Sew-U book for Sara when she decided she wanted to sew and she really likes it. We did the pincushion for her first project and then made a pocketed mat for her sewing machine. It's fun to watch new sewists get started! Mary

Rhoto said...

"...I can't remember LOL. It IS one I wanted though."
Made me chuckle... Sounds JUST like me!!
Have GREAT FUN teaching!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Keely said...

Those books look like good buys. I've got the Readers Digest guide and it's wonderful.
I'm now kicking myself because your previous post just reminded me I didn't check whether I had a zip for DD's jacket. Off to look....