Sunday, October 26, 2008

Picture Window Quilt

Today I completed the picture squares for my "Picture Window Quilt". Don't know what else to call it so that is how I labeled it. Those squares were the most time-consuming element of the project so now it should be smooth sailing. Here are the completed pics on the right:

Tomorrow I will cut the red and white quilt squares and work on stitching everything together.

Also working on a purple wrap top. It's a Simplicity Wrap dress pattern, but I only have enough fabric for the top. I have to go to a Field Hockey banquet with my daughter this Sunday and am thinking about wearing the purple top with my black leather mini skirt. I cut out the pattern pieces, marked them, and pinned the tucks and any other seams that could be pinned before actual sewing. I hope my preliminary tissue fitting works out fine. This is the altered pattern that was held by a magnet on the side of my fridge for months waiting to be pulled off and whipped up.

I was supposed to get my sewing lesson paperwork done, but didn't do any of it! Will work on that tomorrow as well.

The baseball team mom that got hit by the baseball should be fine! That is good news. No brain injury, but she is having plastic surgery tomorrow for the broken facial bones. Lots of pain and swelling, but no severe, nor life-threatening head trauma .


Robin said...

Is the wrap top Simplicity 4074? If so, I really liked that wrap dress. The princess seaming was very flattering (even though it drove me just about crazy.) Glad to hear that the baseball mom will be OK. Jim got hit in the nose with a baseball in sophomore year when he was on the team and had to have two nose jobs afterward -his nose is still crooked.

Kat said...

Yes! It is 4074 :) .

Getting hit by a baseball or softball is a terrible fear I have for my kids. I worry terribly when they're pitching or at third base moving in for a bunt that may turn out to be a line drive.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I got hit when I was about 12 and it killed the nerve in my front tooth. I later had to get a crown. I wish I could quilt.