Friday, October 3, 2008

Feeling the Cranks.

I'm feeling a little cranky this morning. I haven't touched my machines in about a week! Today will likely be no different as I have to do some major food shopping this morning and go to my sons' baseball game tonight under the lights at 8 p.m. Tomorrow they have a 10 a.m. game so we're going to be tired tomorrow morning. And housecleaning never really gets done but I have to do a little of that.

Maybe if I can get a half hour, I can put together my wall hangings. It would be so great to actually finish something while it still is in season. I've been wanting to whip up a wrap top, the pattern is already altered hanging by a clip on the side of my fridge. Same one that has been there for months. My coat is still cut out on the couch, that one for months too. Those are very high priority garments. DS#2's jacket is also high priority--he desparately needs one. I'll pull out two kids' jacket patterns from my stash and we'll decide on the right one. There's a ton of Polarfleece in my stash so the fabric is there. It's just finding the time.

Did anyone see the Deal of the Day yesterday? I saw this awesome babywale light blue and brown houndstooth fabric at 6 a.m. and by 6:45 p.m. when I was going to drool over it again it was GONE! I couldn't believe it. There was at least 50 yards of this stuff when I looked at 6. I really wanted that for a belted jacket/top. Brown's not my color but it had enough of the right shade of blue to work. Oh well--you snooze you lose. And it's probably just as well. I have some lovely wools that have been drycleaned in my front closet just hanging there for at least a year.

And my biggest bummer is not being able to go to PR Day in NYC on the 11th. That's my birthday of all days. And I would LOVE to go fabric shopping on my birthday but I have to go to a softball tournament on that day. I love going to the tournaments, but it's my freaking BIRTHDAY! And I can't go to the leather store, Metro Textiles, MJ Trims, hurts! It really hurts. But it is what it is and can't be changed.

Time to make the coffee.


2BSewing: said...

I feel your pain. I haven't touched my machines in 3 weeks. I know there won't be any sewing this weekend. I suppose I could turn them on and crank out a few stitches to make sure they are still working. lol!

Thank goodness I have lots of sewing mags and now the Sewing Expo classes to keep my interests going.

I'm sure you'll find a way to sneak in 30 minutes of sewing.

Sewfast said...

I'm right there with you my friend! I did manage to whip out a Jalie Sweetheart top early in the week to save my sanity, but I threw out a wadder that Valentine has been wearing for almost a month that I couldn't get right! Then there are the 5 boxes of apples to deal with, the sauerkraut needed to be never ends. Sorry you can't go fabric shopping on your birthday...maybe you can do some internet shopping...Ann has the knits on sale!!! Mary

Lindsay T said...

If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I can make PR NYC either. Same kind of conflict: My daughter wants me to see her cheer that day. Oh well.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

This is why I love therapy, I have Sooooo been there girl! Don't worry, since I've been back home, I've really made myself accept that I can't be or do everything all the time, and like you, I'm the one that usually ends up not being "done" for. Life of a mother.... I did the grocery shopping thing yesterday and with the economy the way it is, it was coupon prep, browsing the sale papers, browsing recipes for needed ingredients, and then trying to get the best bargains by shopping at 2 different grocery stores and Walmart, took me all day, then had to run my daughter to work and go to Brownies. Lord, how do we do it! LOL

Karen said...

Kat, Connie is coming down from Canada in November and spending a few nights at my house to do shopping in Philly on a Friday and NY on a Saturday. We haven't finalized a date yet, but when we do I'll let you know if you want to come down and join us.

You shouldn't have to miss a PR day.

Cennetta said...

There are not enough hours in the day and enough energy in my body either. I, too tired and too busy these days too. I feel your pain and am hoping to get at least a few hours of sewing in the weekend.

BTW - I nominated you for the Brillant Weblog Premio-2008 award.