Monday, September 1, 2008

Sigh of Relief!

Summer vacation is officially over! I was out shopping with the kids Saturday, Sunday, and today. What a way to waste a weekend. Today it was the sporting goods store with DD#2 checking virtually every cleat for her big size feet. Why is it that various stores do not have her size in the off season? I can understand if it was at the beginning of the season with the mad rush but it's not.

Then to Kohl's, a small-mid-sized department store. The boys looked for clothes, the girls looked for clothes, only the boys were successful, and I picked up desparately needed new sneakers as well as DD#2 picking up some sneakers also.

The to Staples. Then to Walmart. Then to a shoe-store where they also sell JanSport backpacks. Didn't buy any because the backpacks were $60 at that store. I love JanSport backpacks but not at that price. DS#2 was incredibly disappointed.

This entire excursion took place over a 5-hour period. Only to come home, light the barbecue and make chicken kabobs and cook some corn, do wash, do dishes, hem a tee for DS#2 because his brand new tee is too long, among other little odds and ends.

Yesterday, DD#1 and DD#2 had to go the mall. Not the little mall in a neighboring town, but the big mall 45 minutes away. That was about a 6-hour excursion. Quite painful I might add. And to top it off, I went into Victoria's Secret looking for a strapless bra or the adhesive ones. The selection was terrible. I was so disappointed. Not the Victoria's Secret I remembered maybe 10 years ago. How can a store like Kohl's have a selection 5 or 6X the size of Victoria's Secret for bras? Unfortunately I didn't have time to even think about looking at bras at Kohl's even with all the sales. I'm certainly not going to try them on with four kids in tow. Making a strapless bra in certainly looking like something to consider doing.

Overall, the girls were really disappointed with clothing choices. DD#1 is the fashion diva who just couldn't find the right style in the right color. DD#2 is a sporty dresser and couldn't find sport pants long enough for her way long inseam (I completely understand about that problem!). Although, I never remember being in a funk about clothing when I was a teen like they are. Why is that? Of course! It's because I sewed a lot of my clothes! They still haven't taken the hint. Although I did offer to make some sport pants for DD#2. We just might get to that point.

Off to bed to awake bright eyed for the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year!" Anyone remember that commercial from the past year or two? The kids hate when I sing that LOL. Although I am going to miss them--summer seemed so short this year.


Lindsay T said...

Ugh. There's nothing I hate more than back-to-school shopping. Now even my laid-back DS is getting all particular about things. Sigh. What's a mother to do...

Anonymous said...

I see that you are in Pennsy. Are you any where near Reading? My DMIL and I used to do all the back to school shopping for my kids at the Vanity Fair Outlet. Jansport is one of their many brand names and the backpacks were always half off the list prices. They wear like iron so they would use them for years! I am sure that they have a website for their other outlet stores but the one in Reading will have the best selection.