Sunday, August 31, 2008

Personal Pants Pattern

Here are the pics of the pants pattern I drafted yesterday from the info in the Jan '08 Threads article.

The front is on the left, and the back is on the right. The pants backpattern had to be drafted with reference points from the front so it had to be recopied onto a second sheet. The red lines illustrate the pants pattern back. Here's a closeup of the top:

It's an interesting draft, somewhat close in measurements to the pattern I used for the capri pants I made two days ago. Short, shallow front crotch, long back crotch, however, I'm anticipating some scooping of the back crotch curve as per my flexible curve of my front/back crotch line. It's nice to know that this pattern was drafted exactly for my measurements with maybe a margin of error of a 1/4", if that. My hipline is exact, waist is exact, the only area that will need expansion will be the upper thigh as my upper thigh measurement is slightly larger than my hip measurement. I'm using 2" side seam and 1" inseams. I will make my right waistline curve 3/8" higher as a separate fabric piece since my right side seam curve is longer than my left.

Here's to hoping using a personal draft will make my fitting issues a little easier. However, the pant pattern I just used was generated from a freebie downloaded from a pattern drafting website.

Where are those darn size 10 pattern fit models anyway??? I'd really like to give them a smack ;) . Can you imagine having a pattern company use your body as the basis for their sizing? Can you imagine making a pattern straight from the envelope and having it fit? I certainly can't. But a girl can dream about it, can't she! But the real nightmare is making muslin after muslin, each one not really fitting after thinking it might be "the one".

I'm working on adding my seam allowances tonight and tomorrow.


Sewfast said...

You go, Girl!!! Looking forward to your perfect pants! Makes me think about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...a pair of pants that fits all your friends and you too??? That's a fairy tale alright! Mary :)

Rhoto said...

IMPRESSIVE!! VERY impressive!! Looking forward to watching your progress. (I like the "other" kinda smack better, eh!)
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Sherril said...

Kat how exciting that you may have found the one pattern that will work perfectly. I have three that I've loved over the years. Problem is, it depends on the fabric how perfect the fit is, even with a great pattern. Keep that in mind when you do find the holy grail of great fitting pants patterns.