Friday, August 22, 2008

New Projects

This morning DD#2 asked when I was going to make her second pair of pajama pants with the fabric we bought back in March. I told her, "Maybe today." So today I cut out her pair in the flannel-backed satin I bought from JoAnn's with a Simplicity pajama pants pattern--same one as before.

Also, I cut out a pair of capris with the computer-generated pants pattern from (maybe?) the Wild Ginger website from about 3 years ago. In a sudden brainiac (or maybe brainless) moment, I decided to pull out the Hot Patterns Jeanious Jean pattern that I haven't whipped up yet. What I did was copy the crotch curve from the HP pattern onto my computer-generated pattern. I tried the pattern on in tissue and am hoping for the best. The backside looked pretty good when I turned around in the mirror.

That's pretty much it for today. I wore my blue knit top with the black band with crystals out today. One of my friends gave me a compliment on my top too. That made me happy. The unhappy thing is finding the right bra where the bra straps just won't peek out. I was at Walmart yesterday and was looking at the stick-on bra cups. Only problem was virtually every box was open--they were all picked over! I'll have to look online for them. Any suggestions as to where?

Either that or make my own special type of bra. Someone reviewed a good bra book at Patternreview the other day and I'm hoping I remembered to save it to favorites. Bras are so darn expensive anyway, although the idea of making my own bra for the heck of it doesn't do anything for me. Just need one or two special ones with special straps that go a specific way with certain styles.

That's all for now. I'm beat and have to get to bed.


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! I needed a really good fitting strapless, that lifted, and kept them that way. I usually have to get them from some place like Nordstrom's, but I make them last for years if I pay that kind of money, well I went on an all girls trip to New York City and went into Victoria Secrets for the heck of it with the girls. I tried on a couple strapless, and they fit just like every other one usually does,then all of a sudden, I hit the jackpot, but when I looked at the price tag, almost $60 at the time (it had just come out), I couldn't believe it. I left the store, went back, left again, went back, bought panties, left, went back and finally decided to get it, because it fit so fabulously, and I knew I would never find another strapless that fit me that way, and there wasn't any tax on clothing at the particular time we were there. Girl, my close friends, and even my teen daughter have asked me what bra I was wearing on occasions that I've worn the bra, it is oh so fabulous and worth every penny. I treat it like it is gold. LOL!

Sigrid said...

Couldn't you alter the strap placement of a bra you have?
Making a bra yourself is fun (I only own a rtw sportsbra nowadays), but it usually takes some time to get a tnt bra pattern. Not to discourage you, I love bra-making, and it's not as difficult as a lot of people think.

kasizzle said...

I bought one of the adhesive types at Macy's. I initially bought it for a backless dress I was wearing to my class reunion. I have worn it a few times since, but if you start sweating, it tends to come loose. Not really a problem if you stay indoors!
I think I have since seen the adhesive type at my JoAnn's.
But there are so many great strapless ones available, it may get more use.