Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Easy and It's Not.

Thanks Rhonda, Robin, and Kasey for letting me know my serger issues are not just me. Rhonda asked what serger I have/would like. I have a Pfaff Hobbylock 786 purchased in 1992. It DOES have differential feed LOL. It's not *that* ancient, just tempermental as of late. It really does need a tuneup and cleaning though. It's been 3 or 4 years since it was last serviced so I'm sure that is a major part of my problems.

Of course, I'll go into my sewing dealer, see the Babylocks, the staff will see me looking longingly, and start me touching and feeling the darn thing :) . Unfortunately, the price tag is not in my budget right now so the Pfaff will have to do.

Anyway, both my serger and sewing machine have not taken kindly to the fabric I'm using for my Threads magazine top. The serger was very finicky, my sewing machine was not liking the fabric at first. I changed to my stretch needle and things greatly improved. The fabric for the edge finishing kept getting caught in my regular foot so I switched to the clear satin-stitch foot. That made things a whole lot easier.

One thing about the top, I didn't see seam allowances noted in the article, guess I'll have to read it closely tomorrow. I used about a 1/2" all over. It's about half done. My ties have to be redone because I'm just not liking the serger finishing. I think my knife needs to be replaced. It's just not cutting the material very nicely before the serge stitching. My rolled hem samples probably would have turned out much better with a cleaner cut, but I chose not to use that finish because of my serger's "issues".

Here's the top thus far. Very bohemian, art deco, new age look. Raised the eyebrows of my girls too. I guarantee you, it does look better on me than Phat Chick. It swings nicely and lays better IMO.

I'm still liking it at this point. I have some extra cream-colored linen and was thinking about skinny crop pants to go with the top just like the ones shown on the model in the magazine. It could be a mini dress too. But the problem with that is I'd need some cute strappy sandals. Don't have those, and now we're headed into cooler weather soon so forget that option for now.

So overall, this is a VERY easy top to whip up--patternless too. But it hasn't been easy sewing the knit print fabric. And that really stinks because it should be easy if my machines were cooperating (and, uh, properly maintained--*user* issues there too).

Tomorrow I'll try to finish up. Unfortunately and fortunately, fall sports have begun. I'm in and out virtually every two hours dropping off or picking up all day. Makes it difficult, but not impossible.


Cennetta said...

What a sassy little number. Too cute.

Rhoto said...

Hi Kat! WHEN you drop off your machines for their well-deserved "..icures" *, you can shop for reduced-price sandals... There are sales going on everywhere to give room for the new stuff, eh!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)
*Gosh, I get my machines "done" every year whether I have used them or not!! We're on opposite ends of this sphere, eh!!

Lindsay T said...

Ooh, I'm liking this one a lot...

2BSewing: said...

Hey Kat...I also like this too. Can't wait to see this top on you.

Robin said...

Super cute!!! I think it would go with peep-toe slingbacks as well - those can be really worn most of the year so they wouldn't be so summer-specific as strappy sandals would be.

Linda said...

Loving this fabric. I also know how you feel when lovingly touching the Babylocks! I continue to touch but not take out, not in my budget yet. I have an Elna serger that is truly a workhorse but can be tempermental with knits on occasion.