Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Perfect Pair of Pants

I'm on my quest for it.

I made up the pajama pants 3 days ago for DD#2. I used my serger and sewed them in (a very surprising way for the slow sewer that I am) super speedy. My only issue: They don't fit her! However, they do fit me very nicely. I thought I used the 5/8" SA's on the pattern last time but mustn't have. She needs fine tuning at the side seams and I must have forgotten that. There's no room to let out for extra room with my serged seams either. Last time I do believe I pinfitted the pants on her first. Subsequently, they are too snug around the pants in the crotch area, 3" above and below. The good thing is, *I* now have a very nice-fitting pair of pajama pants. I'll take pics later.

The past two days I've been working diligently on drafting a nice-fitting pair of pants. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I'm working on a pattern I've used before and rather like. Just working on tweaks, redesigning the crotch curve to match my own, etc.

I think there my still be some vertical fullness right below the crotch line. According the FFRP, it says to pinch out the excess to determine the amount, then take a tuck from waist to hem. Unfortunately, the excess is only in a 6 inch area. Above and below, the width of my pattern is fine. So what to do? I'll make these pants up again with all my alterations except for the tuck. Then decide if a tuck is warranted, but then I'll have to add width to the side seam above the crotchline and mid-thigh down to the hem. This will make for a VERY weird looking back piece on my pants.

The other option was to remove it from the back inseam at the top, tapering to 6" down. The only problem there is if I do that, I'll get wrinkles pointing to the inseam to let it back out. Solving one problem creates another. Really a catch 22.

Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and do a vertical seamline from waist to hem on the pants as a design detail. This will also help me tweak the area to reduce the fullness. So many options, don't know which route to take at this point.

But anyway, I'm going to finish my first pair of capris on the pattern and then move on to my cream-colored linen ones.

That's a plan :) !


Cennetta said...

Great for you, but I know your DD isn't too happy. I've been thinking along the same lines as you with regards to beefing up the wardrobe with some nice pants for the fall. I'm always making adjustments in the crotch area, but it's well worth the effort. I look forward to seeing the PJ's and the pants.

2BSewing: said...

Cool that you ended up with a pair of nice pj bottoms. Looking forward to your pants projects and the adjustments you end up making. I've put my pants making on hold, until I take a few more basic pants fitting classes. I enjoy seeing what fellow sewists are doing to get good fitting pants. Always a learning process, but a lot of fun...isn't it? Looking forward to your pictures. :)

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I want to see!! That is so funny, I have tons of character flannel that I have been planning on turning into lounge pants for me and my kids. So comfy.