Monday, September 29, 2008

Does this ever happen to you?

It's was Saturday morning. I put my dowel rods and new thread spool on my ironing board. Got the phone call that baseball was cancelled for my boys due to rain. DH took DD#2 to the batting cages. They came back, we had lunch, then I had to take out DS#2 to AC Moore to buy some craft supplies for his fantasy insect. DD#1 and DD#2 wanted to come along for the ride (and expect more "surprise" stops for RTW shopping--Grrrr!).

Anyway, I come back home and after dinner went to work on my wall hangings. There they were, ready to have everything topstitched in place and my spool was...GONE!!! That brand new, never used yet spool! I was on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor looking for it. Pulled up the couch cushions. Lifted around papers and whatever was near it. Still haven't found it. It was right there on my ironing board before I left. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO IT??? Here it is Monday, and I still haven't found it.

This irritates me. It's the same thing when I have 3 sewing gauges and can't find one (okay, I just found one of them the other day). I have three seam rippers and only one is in my box. My scissors seem to disappear daily and my spring-handle Fiskars disappeared two months ago. Yesterday I pulled out my Olfa cutting mat (24X36) and discover there's a 1 1/2" tear in it on one side. How did that get there? It's always behind the couch and wedged up agains the wall so nothing bad can happen to it!

Very frustrating I tell you. Hopefully that darn thread spool will magically appear today.


Lisa Laree said...

Much, MUCH more often than I would care to admit to anyone who believes I am a reasonably and responsibly intelligent human being. I have two projects that are buttons-and-buttonholes away from being finished after being held up because I lost pieces of the garment. I found the missing pieces from one, but I really and truly believe I accidentally threw away the missing piece of the other one and had to recut it.

Sometimes things go missing only minutes after I had it in my hand.


Of course, they usually turn up later, when I'm looking for something else. ;)

Karen said...

I buy seam-rippers in 6-packs and I still can only ever find one. If I'm lucky.

My latest workroom disaster was yesterday. I pressed off the blouse I had just finished, went back to the machine, sewed a few seams on my vest, went to press it - and the iron gushed water all over the place. Apparently in the 5 minutes I had stepped away from the iron, the well had cracked.

I've been trying to justify a gravity-feed iron. This may do it.

Hope the thread turns up, that's so frustrating.

Lindsay T said...

This happens all the time to me. I usually find a special place to put a notion, then forget where that special place was. Senility is tough.

Cennetta said...

Yep. This happens all the time. Sometimes I feel think "I'm going crazy". Like Lisa said, "They usually turn up later."

Sewfast said...

I hear you Sister!!! I use a lot of red embroidery thread with DH being a fireman and all, and I lost a brand new spool of red thread that I just bought. It's about a half hour drive to get more, so I was hot! Still haven't found it! Hope you find yours...Mary