Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Learning Curve

After posting my weird-looking crotch curve as per my flexible ruler several days ago, I received my current copy of Sew News in the mail. Lo and behold, I found my crotch curve!!! It is on p. 33, bottom right labeled "Low Fanny". It looks just like mine in fact. It is in the article titled, "Pants". Not a whole lot to learn from the article because I've researched pants fit up, down, left, and right, but I did pick up one or two new bits of info.

One thing that has been bothering me lately. I look at PFRP (Pants for Real People) a lot, and it irritates me more and more that I'm not finding any examples of problem rear views like the ones that are discussed with pictures at Patternreview. IMO, a new book is in order. I'd like a new book dedicated to baggy seat issues for all figure types, examining crotch curves/crotch depth and length and how to correct to get a good fit. Especially with close-fitting pants like dress pants and jeans. Most of the pants that are detailed in the book are more like trousers and/or loose, semi-fitted slacks.

No progress on my capris yet. It's a very busy first week of school.


Robin said...

I didn't realize the PFRP book didn't cover as many figure types as PR does! I have to admit that I still have never determined what my pants fitting issues/body type is. I know I have high hip issues (i.e. my largest hip measurement is not very far below my waist, and that sometimes this gives me issues with side pockets sticking out) and I am relatively flat and narrow across the front as compared to the back.

I never have a problem with pants being baggy in the seat. More of a problem with pants going up my rear end, so maybe that means that the back crotch needs to be longer. I'll figure it out one day when I decide to get into sewing pants. I don't wear pants that much (although I'm not sure if the reason is that I don't like the way many of them fit me) so I haven't focused on it yet.

2BSewing: said...

I hear ya! I agree...time for a new pants fitting book. Let me know if you come across one. :)

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I know what you mean, on all accounts. But aren't you glad their back in too! LOL