Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some non-sewing activities

The sewing machine has been put away for at least a week so I can trace, alter, and cut my four projects. Yesterday, three of my four projects were traced and maybe tonight I can do the last one. It was surprising I was able to get that much done, considering the kids had off school yesterday for...a snow day? No. An ice day? Not really. One of those days where it might have made for bad driving weather that never materialized. Wasted day for them! However, at least I was able to get some things done.

Early in the morning, DS#1 wanted to play Xbox. Uh, no. He was advised to do something constructive. DD#1? She slept until about 11 a.m. DD#2 and DS#2 work so well together (she's 13, he's 8). They both like building and creative activities too. DS#2 wanted me to save our dishwasher box so he could play with it. So yesterday, he and DD#2 took that box and made him a "house". It took several hours, borrowed some of my material for the top and a little rug inside. They decorated with pictures, a radio, flowers and a few other items, and painted the outside along with making a mailbox. Here are pics of our proud little Pooky in his "Pooky house". Of course, DH had to tell him to spell Pooky the wrong way, so when he looked in his Garfield book he said, "Dad spelled it wrong!"

Today I didn't get much done. My typical routine on most days is to head to the gym from 8:30-10, then do whatever that needs to be done. After the gym today, I headed out to pay off a piece of furniture on layaway, shop at the grocery store and wholesale club, visits to the copy center and post office, then back home. It was 2:45 by the time I got back home and DD#1 and DD#2 come home at 3. So it was quick, quick, quick! Pull together a very quick meal. And wanting to use up leftover lunch meats that were stockpiled in the fridge, I decided to make a calzone sandwich. Mmmm! It was good. I threw together the dough ingredients in my mixer and cut up the lunch meats to brown them in a fry pan. I layered the provolone and mozzarela cheese on the rolled out dough, added the pepperonis, diced tomatos, chopped green olives, followed by grated parmesan cheese and spices. (Lots of good garlic!) The calzone is then covered and brushed with some skim milk. Here's the leftover finished baked sandwich (It makes two so I won't be doing a whole lot of cookin' tomorrow).
It was de-lish! The only problem? I got rid of lunchmeat leftovers, but now I have quite a bit of pepperoni. Besides making pizza, does anyone have any good ideas on what to do with a large quantity of pepperoni?

Now I'm off to help DS#2. He's a busy little boy and has been waiting 3 days to make some
Blondies. He's doing most of it himself, but needs a little help here and there. Here's the busy boy at work.

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~ Kimberlee ~ said...

Fun! I can totally relate, got 4 kids and a crazy DH over here! LOL!