Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Mini Swap.

I always admire how so many people do a SWAP. The story boards are absolutely amazing but I have to admire from afar. I'm ambitious, but just do not have the time to create an entire seasonal wardrobe. So lately I've been picking and choosing here and there. My retro Simplicity jacket and Vogue dress was my starting point. Then I just added my green wool suit and deconstructed/recycled mini. Pics are below and I'm going to link them to 3 pattern reviews I'm working on. What I need to add next is a black, classic blazer so I can wear that with my red dress or green wool mini skirt. However, there are other projects in my cue right now, but eventually I'll get to that--probably in the summer LOL!

Here are my pics of how I'll wear my new pieces. Other pics specific to each outfit can be found in my pattern reviews on the widget sidebar--I'll be working on doing them over the next few days.

This is my Sunday outfit for church this week and right below it is an alternate outfit paired with my recycled leather mini:
Or...the same jacket with jeans.
My leather mini with a borrowed red RTW top from my DD#2.
Or the leather mini paired with my Simplicity jacket.
I think with the boots, however, it is just a little too "edgy" to wear to church. For some reason the leather boots take it out of the realm of appropriate church attire IMO.
Now I have to be off and finish my pattern review for the jacket, at least.


Linda said...

This is inspiring! Great job of making several items work the way you have. Maybe black tights with the boots instead of the pattern hose with black mini skirt would make it more church wearable.

Great job!

Tamara said...

Wow you look great in each and every outfit. I would agree with Linda. Black tights might be better with the boots.

Kat said...

Thanks, ladies! Black tights it is. The lacy hose gives it a happy hooker look and I don't want that.

Cennetta said...

Too cute. Your green wool outfit is adorable. Love the mini SWAP fashion show.

Mel.J said...

I love your green jacket with the jeans. That look really suits you.