Monday, February 18, 2008

My Amusing Story for the Day!

Today I went down to JoAnn's in the Lehigh Valley to pick up some Simplicity patterns. Picked up 6, but two were not in stock. Well, actually one was not in my size. I'll post pics later of the patterns. Added some thread and buttons, too, for some future projects.

Anyway, the amusing part of my day was when I was walking out to my car from JoAnn's with DD#2. A car pulls up behind mine, a lady gets out and asks if I'm "ryan's mom". And, of course that's who I am :) . It was guernsey from Patternreview! She had recognized my black and white houndstooth retro swing jacket from my review a few weeks ago.

Meeting another lovely Patternreview member in person just by chance. How cool is that? Very!!!

ETA--My purchases!!! The patterns I was able to get:

The lower waist on this one with the belt--the "illusion" of a longer torso made it a must have for me.

This one I bought for the top. The dress is nice, but I don't think it would be flattering on my figure. I think there's a Butterick dress with a similar neckline that would be more flattering for me so I'm hoping to pick that one up during the next Butterick sale at JoAnn's.
This one--what can I say :) ? I didn't particularly care for this pattern at first, however, I've never been known to have any fashion sense either. After seeing several gorgeous versions of this at Patternreview, it changed my mind to a must-have pattern. I'm just hoping it will be flattering on me--I just don't know though

This one just seemed cute. And versatile for summer or winter.

I loved this one too because I'm a sucker for retro patterns. This has been on my list for a while now.

Last, but not least, DD#2 wanted some night pants. She chose a green flannel and flannel-backed satin for her two pairs.

Here are the ones that got away. The one below I was bummed about--not in my size range.

This Project Runway one I liked too, but it didn't bother me that it was out of stock.

What else did I pick up? Thread spools and buttons that were 50% off. Used that extra 10% off coupon too. Overall, I think I did pretty well. It was a short and sweet, yet inexpensive trip today.


Tamara said...

How fun! What a treat to be remembered for your creations.

Karen said...

Meeting another PR member by coincidence: fun.

Being recognized by the quality of your garment: priceless.

Love how you resurrected your leather skirt.

Bonnie D. said...

How fun that you were spotted by another member!

I have most of those patterns you bought! Great minds. Hee hee. BTW, on that second one where you mentioned the top instead of a dress... I have seen it belted and it looked terrific.

Kat said...


Thanks for the belt suggestion! That just might work for me.