Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Winter Coat

Well, almost. It's just about done, but it hasn't been without a few problems along the way. Everything was going fine and although the jacket was supposed to be unlined as per the pattern, I decided to line it. I should have gone with a full, self-drafted lining, but used the stitch and flip method. Not having done this in a while, I encountered a problem when I was hemming. I tried on the jacket after it was hemmed and it was pulling in a really weird way in the back. Ugh! I hate that. I knew there were lining issues at that point. This is probably the one thing I don't like about the SNF technique. I usually don't use this technique and would have to make a jacket a few more times to work out the kinks to avoid this from happening in the future. And with that back pleat, IMO the jacket wasn't designed to be SNF'd anyway. I should have just spent about a 1/2 hour more developing a full lining piece on the front.

So, in the end, I ended up with a partial lining in the back. Because of the annoying pulling, I cut out the bottom of it up to the top of the pleat and finished the edges. It's not the prettiest interior close up, but from about 3 feet away it looks just fine ;) . The outside of it looks really nice though. Tomorrow I will do the buttonholes and buttons. After that, I'll tack down the front facings and be done with it.

There *IS* leftover fabric too :) ! I think there's enough for a self-drafted panel mini skirt with a contoured waistband. That's lucky. It will give me another wardrobe option. I'm still working on restyling my leather mini skirt from my high school days to wear with this jacket, but a matching skirt would like quite classy IMO. Hopefully I can post a couple pics or get a review done in a few days.

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Robin said...

I can't wait to see the coat!