Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm sitting here in my leather mini skirt and McCall's jacket after just taking some pictures for some pattern reviews that need to be done. One thing that won't be reviewed is my blue mini dress. It looks horrendous! I thought it would either look really cute or like a blue potato sack. It's the latter unfortunately, and I spent the entire day working on it.

It could have worked. I was trying to copy a slouchy minidress look from Lucky. Had I used a sturdy, crisp cotton fabric, the look cold have been pulled off. But no. I had to use a light blue knit with a "chamois-like" feel on one side that I bought from eons ago. Not only was it not the right fabric for this look, my machine absolutely hated it. The reason why it took so long to sew was because I had to sew each seam twice in a triple stretch stitch. Tried every needle in my stash--universal, stretch, ballpoint/jersey, microtex, and nothing worked. Skipped stitches like crazy.

Live and learn. We have to have projects like this every once in a while. The dress is hanging on my dress form right now. I'm very happy to have a duct tape double because it doesn't lie. It looked as shapeless on me as it did on the Phat Chick.

So much work into a wadder. As I typed before--BLECH!

Movin' on now to my three other projects and going to start my review on this wintry mix night in the Poconos.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out. Hopefully, your next project will be a winner.