Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finished Work

Here I am on a Sunday night and have a quick few moments to jot down some sewing thoughts.

First off, both my skirts are done. I took pics of them but for now here is my leather skirt on the couch.

I removed the waistband and cut it in half lengthwise. Then I unstitched the side seams and inserted the waistband strips to give me the extra inch on each side for a little more room. Had to do the same to the lining too. I never liked that waistband anyway because of my short waist. I redid all the topstitching and finished the waistband by attaching bias tape and turning to the inside and topstitching. Quick and easy. On the left side of the pic you can see the waistband strip down the side. A big thanks to my sister, Carol, for making this suggestion. It worked like a charm.

My wool skirt is done. It was a TNT from a Vogue pattern but I turned it into a mini. It has a contoured waistband and two front seams, two back seams, a CF and CB seam. Pics are coming when they go back to school and DH goes back to work. It's a long holiday weekend so I'm just going to work on writing my reviews until there's just some "me" time in the schedule.

And my mini dress just got cut out. It's kind of a slouchy dress similar to one seen in a recent issue of Lucky. The fabric I'm using is not a substantial weight so I'm going to line the entire bodice with self fabric instead of using facings. The sleeves and skirt portions, however, will be unlined. I was thinking of underlining the entire piece with interfacing, but that doesn't seem like it would give it the weight I want it to have.

Time for bed...

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Tamara said...

Wow! Your skirt looks great. That is so great that you can wear it again. What a fun skirt to wear out on the town!