Monday, May 4, 2009

This is so dumb!

I'm just finishing cutting out the material for the prom dress purse and semi-formal stole for my daughters and decided to do some quick Internet surfing looking at prom dress styles while eating my lunch.

I checked out this link, and what I found there is so dumb for two reasons:

1. A return to modesty is some school districts and,
2. Using Victoria's Secret-like models for prom dress fashions.

Addressing No. 2 first...since when do high school students mostly have C or D-cup boobs? I have also found this to be an issue when DD#1 (B-cup) was trying on prom dresses. To fill out most prom dress styles appropriately, a C-cup would be just about right. A D-cup in the right bra style would provide for one heck of a view in regard to cleavage.

Most high school students I know (that would wear many of these slinky styles) are not cup-spilleth-over kind of girls. My feeling is many of these models are surgically enhanced, while most high school teens are not.

On to No. 1, our public school district has adopted a "uniform" dress code. More like uniforms really. Set colors, set styles. Little variation. The semi-formal dances at school require all dresses to have straps and no cleavage. At the present time, this does not appear to apply for the prom which is held elsewhere. So many of these styles are strapless, including the shorter ones. I feel very sorry for the big-boobed girls. They are going to have such a hard time finding nice styles with no cleavage. I told DD#2 that is not something she has to worry about. Nosey DS#1 (12 years old) asks, "What is cleavage?" I was wearing a low-cut top so I smooshed by boobs together and said, "THIS is cleavage." Boys are so funny that way. Clueless on girly things. I mean, they know what it is, but don't know these things have names. I have met boys that have NO idea what a barrette or bobby pin is.

Anyway, DD#2 tried on her sister's dress that was purchased last December. She really liked the style and wants me to copy it for her. It's strapless with a draped piece of fabric over one side of the front and a fabric flower on the other side. This brings me to my recent aggravating issue.

She says, "Can you copy this dress?" I sure can. The little drape and flower too. Then she says, "Can you make it halter style?" (I thought she wanted just little skinny spaghetti straps on it.) Okay. Did we not agree on the original style? That would mean no drapey piece and flower. She's just not getting it. I think the problem is she never really knows what she wants.

I have 12 days! 12 DAYS!!! Enough to make me sweat. I hate deadlines. But I'm doing what I can with the purse and stole and getting the little things out of the way.

Back to work.


Robin said...

I was an A cup in high school and had a tough time finding a "traditional" dress that would fit me in the chest, even in the size 3/4! So I feel your DD's pain. And yeah, i don't think we've *quite* gotten to the point where all HS girls have implants - although at a salon I used to go to, apparently this was a popular gift for teenage daughters!! YIKES. Remember I live in the Chicago suburbs, not LA. Anyway, I was going to sew a dress for a friend of mine, and the questions about (MAJOR) alterations blew me away - like, no, we cannot change this to a halter top from spaghetti straps. I think she asked me to do that too.

Ivalyn "Tee" Jones-Actie said...

Mercy Mercy Me...I've been making prom gowns for over 15 years and I have gotten to the point when I girl comes with what I call a "Hoochie" gown---I won't make it. I first try to sway them into something more modest or changing the things that are too revealing. I once had a girl call me because her school officials would not let her enter the prom--her gown was too revealing in the cleavage area. This girl was an "A" cup so I didn't think it was too bad. She was really flat as a board. But I told her to find a pin and pin it up!!!! After that, I decided that I wouldn't listen to the girls anymore and make what I knew was acceptable. The other thing that boggles my mind is when the girls come with their mother and she doesn't object to what I consider too reavealing of a gown. I was so pleased this year that all 5 of my young ladies chose very classic yet pretty and age appropriate styles! I get a lot of girls in high school with C - DD cups...and large rear ends (we're African American and most are heavily endowed--it's in the genes :) I have to subtely tell them that the gown they "love" is not for them. When you are a size 22 and you bring me a picture of a gown and the VS model is a size 2---nothing I do will make you look like that in that dress!!!! All in all if I think the dress is not appropriate I tell them I'm not making it. I tell them that if I make it and it doesn't look right they will be telling people that "Ms Tee can't sew, she messed up my prom gown."
So I just don't go there anymore!

Good luck with your DD gown. Sounds like she is a sensible girl.

Lindsay T said...

I have proof that there are some HS girls out there who are naturally endowed. My niece, for example, has the figure of a Playmate but those things just grew on their own. There are others out there like her. My own daughter is the A cup variety.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

I agree, my daughter is a B cup and so was I at that age, I didn't get anything until after baby #1 and then they went south anyway. I think they are pushing these girls into enlargements, like A, B or even a C isn't "normal". Can't wait to see them!