Friday, May 15, 2009

Down To The Wire!

I worked on the dress all day Wednesday. All day Thursday. And will likely work on it all day today. My deadline is 3:30 today. It must be done.

It pains me to be a slow sewer, but I accept it. It's who I am. My house is a disaster because of it, and pizza will probably be ordered for dinner tonight.

My son's baseball coach stopped over Wednesday afternoon with 5 minutes notice with a birthday gift for him. And my house was far messier than usual. Talk about embarrassing.

Here I go...heading down home stretch. Pics forthcoming tonight.

A big thank you to Kim and all other bloggers for their prayers for my MIL. She is doing better and will likely be transferred to a rehab hospital today. She probably won't be staying there long and will be able to get home within a reasonable amount of time. Can't keep a good woman down! She was finally out of her bed walking around yesterday.

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Sigrid said...

Well, good you can order pizza! Most important is the dress at the moment. Good luck in finishing. You can do it!