Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prom 2009!

Last week was DD#2's Semi-formal dance. This week is was DD#1's prom (technically, her boyfriend's Senior prom). As I finished up the lavendar semi-formal dress for DD#2, the activity turned to finishing the stole and making the purse for DD#1.

Here's DD#1 modeling her stole and purse:

The stole and purse were the perfect accessories for the dress. As mentioned before, the dress was RTW to a tune of $350! I pitched in $50 so that guarantees me one wearing of the dress ;) . I went to JoAnn's and purchased the white/silver brocade for the stole and purse. Again, the stole pattern was provided to me courtesy of Mary. (Again, many thanks to you, Mary!) She forwarded me the link.

In my previous post on the stole pattern, I mentioned my displeasure of the original length. So the front slit became an embellished pocket. I added a button/buttonhole closure and an inside snap so the one side would not collapse or cave in and cause an uneven front hemline. I could tell when DD#2 first tried on the stole, it was met with an admiring glance aka her "seal of approval". I thought the fabric and revamped style of the stole would be a perfect match for the dress, both in color and style, and it was.

On the front, I added crystal buttons with buttonholes placed at an angle down one side of the front. The other side are "faux" buttons, however, the snap is placed on the inside to keep the stole layers together. The underlayer would have collapsed without it and dropped the hemline on one side.

I did light alterations to her RTW dress as well. I cut the lining 8" higher so she wouldn't trip/fall over it. It was very long. Just did a rotary cutter slice too (knit dress so no fraying issues). No hemming--no one is going to see the lining. The back had a long train as well. I pinned it up as she desired. Yes, the side seams are swinging back. There's no way around that. But I told her it almost looks like a design style. It looked nice anyway. I added an extra crystal button from the stole below the back design and cut a loop from the extra lining piece that was cut off. Voila! A new design on the back which she loved.

The purse was made from one of my fave books by Emma Brennan on Vintage Handbags. So much better than any storebought clutch IMO.

I'll take closeups later today for the details.

I leave you with pics of the charming couple. She's even wearing my wedding jewelry (necklace and earrings).


Sewfast said...

Your daughter is so beautiful Kat! The dress is pretty spectacular too (for RTW...LOL!)

Sigrid said...

Charming pictures, beautiful daughter in the perfect dress with perfect stole.

Cennetta said...

She looks absolutely beautiful.

Lindsay T said...

Yes, pretty daughter in a fabulous ensemble. Nice going, Mom!

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Kat, she looks stunning!!!!!!! You did an awesome job with the accessories too! She looks so princessy! I have to ask you, did she stuff her bra, because all the little girls at my daughters prom were rearranging their well endowed areas before every photo! LOL! To be young again......