Friday, May 29, 2009

Cold Turkey Grumbles!'s been so busy at my house. Notice I did not say "sew" busy. That is truly unfortunate. It makes for one unhappy mom.

However, things are in the works. A muslin summer top is about ready to be cut out, swimsuit fabric ordered, bra and panty patterns and notions ordered, a dress is in the planning stage so when I get some time, I can make a move on things. I'm looking at that pattern making website someone posted about at Patternreview where I can input my measurements and create a custom swimsuit pattern. Here's the link: . There's some really great info/great reading on that site.

I'm very excited about sewing a bra! I love the pattern I ordered (Elan B540) shown below as it reminds me of this great Frederic's of Hollywood bra I bought years ago. It's simply too old to wear anymore, but it was a great-fitting bra and pretty too. Still in my drawer in fact. It's just darn hard to part with a good one, and there's no reason for me to keep it but it's there, right in the back getting my admiring glances from time to time.

I have yet to catch up on blog reading. Just when I think there's going to be time, it disappears. Then I wasn't feeling well for several days, had stomach rumbling and lost my appetite for a few days. That's pretty rare since I love to eat. Guess that wasn't a bad thing 'cuz when I put on my summer dress I made last year, I found out that no shapewear was necessary!!! It's a great feeling when those powernet panties can be left in the drawer.

Which reminds me. I was a "victim" of gym member's poor etiquette today. I was on the elliptical today, the lady in front was on the recumbent bike with her headphones. Then...she starts belting out the tunes! (One of my pet peeves!).'re not Beyonce, not Taylor Swift, nor Kelly Clarkson so SHUT UP! My reminder to myself, "Must bring own ear buds...must bring own ear buds...(repeat 10X) ".

Then, another lady reads a magazine and hogs up a piece of gym equipment for no less than 10 minutes! It's the only machine I'm waiting for, too, before going home. So when she's finished, I jokingly said (in a friendly way), something about her warming up the machine for me. She looked at me like I had two heads. So I said it again (she had ear buds), and again, she gives me a drunken stupor look. Is it me? Yes, I was wearing deodorant today ;) . Maybe it's a full moon. Who knows?!

My last "issue" of the day? I spent the entire day mulling over bra notions at Sew Sassy. So I finally finish putting things in the shopping cart, enter all the info, click on Submit, and constantly get an error. So I either have no order or 3 orders. Had to type an email of what I wanted and tried to get to the bottom of this matter. Very frustrating!


Sherril said...

I know why you're keeping that old bra. It's so you can cut it apart, steal the underwires from it and take the back hooks. You already know the underwires are your size and no reason not to re-use them.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

LOL!!!! You are so funny! I can only imagine that.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

If you model your bra when completely, you will have my utmost respect for life! I wish I could model a bra, but you look like you could pull it off.

gwensews said...

Life gets in the way sometimes but sewing is always there, waiting in the wings!