Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Update

Yesterday I spent most of the day at a softball tournament. I love the tournaments. There something about the air, the field, and the ball game. It's really an all-American sport. I know soccer has surged in popularity the past 20 years but personally, I much prefer watching a baseball or softball game over a soccer game any day. Just my preference. Yesterday's games were for seed, today is for the championship and it's a single elimination tournament--one loss, done for the day. Most of the ones we go to are like that.

For some reason, when you sit on the sidelines as a parent you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Maybe it's nerves. Maybe excitement. Maybe disappoinment. But when I got home at 7:30 (picked up two pizzas before arriving home), I was very tired. I *thought* about helping DS#1 with his school project but deferred the work until today.

If I'm lucky, I will cut out a muslin top. First things first, laundry and cleaning. Baseball practice tonight. Somehow get dinner done too.

Addressing other issues, in my previous post I talked about this great bra in my drawer. Sherril posted the response:

"I know why you're keeping that old bra. It's so you can cut it apart, steal the underwires from it and take the back hooks. You already know the underwires are your size and no reason not to re-use them."

Isn't that an awesome idea!!! That never occurred to me. Funny how the obvious always seems to elude me.

Kim also posted:

"If you model your bra when completely, you will have my utmost respect for life! I wish I could model a bra, but you look like you could pull it off."

I've been wrestling with this. Headless shot for sure. Hands strategically placed to hide wrinkled post-baby belly skin ;) . Actually probably two separate shots. We'll see Kim, we'll see LOL. Haven't decided on that yet.

On the prom dress post, Kim asked:

"...I have to ask you, did she stuff her bra, because all the little girls at my daughters prom were rearranging their well endowed areas before every photo! LOL! To be young again...... "

This is funny one. That fave Frederic's of Hollywood bra? When I bought that many years ago, I also bought those stick-on bra cups for special occasion dresses and tops. Never used them though. So I told her to use them for that dress. There was a hollow area below the boobs (teens are WAY too perky!) so when she was modeling her dress, I told her it just didn't look quite right. I manually took the fabric with her boobs in it and rearranged them to show them how they *should* look to fill out dress. She was saying, "Mom! What are you doing?!?!" I told her you have to push and angle your boobs just the right way for the dress. Then I brought out the stick-on cups and told her that's what she should use.

On prom day, I'm taking pics, then videos. Before the video I told her she had to peel off one corner of the cup as it was noticeable from a side angle view. Then while I'm taking a video (she didn't realize it at the time), she walks over to me and starts correcting her wardrobe malfunction. Gee girl! Give me a heads up so I can pan away!

She told me after the prom, she and this other girl peeled them off halfway through and threw them away. Someone else was wearing the stick-ons as well.

Yeah, Kim, to be young again...and not have to worry about support either ;) .

Well, it's a bright and beautiful day in the Pocono Mountains! And I'm off to spend it indoors cleaning. I hope everyone else is doing something sewing!


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

LOL! Too funny girl. I guess they all read the same book, because they sound just alike. My daughter didn't even wear a bra, just stick on nipple covers. Ok, I'm hating, because I don't ever remember mine being that perky or even having boobs. LOL. You would have never been able to tell. I couldn't tell with any of the girls until I saw them rearranging. LOL. You have a beautiful family, and they have a great mom, in case I've never mentioned. P.S - I spent the day in the house cleaning too, and thought I would have the energy and time to sew after. HAH!

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

P.S - We can take the plunge together. I'm going to model a bathing suit I'm making; hands strategically placed and angles precisely maneuvered, and maybe even in black and white. LOL