Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why I want to move...

So sorry. I have't posted about sewing lately. But I have been doing sewing. Just putting the finishing touches on my bustier and almost done with my cape.

Until that time, I'm suffering from Spring time depression. It's when I really recognize all things wrong with where I live.

First, it's the population explosion. Although I know that is hard to escape and that's the way life is. DH and I sure wish it was the same type of area as it was 25 years ago.

Second, crime. With a huge population explosion comes crime. Gangs, drugs, murders--it's not the stuff I grew up with in the Poconos of yesterday but it's here now. We'd get a murder case maybe once every two years. Now it is too common and far too frequent. Seems like one a week or month now.

Third, racism. It seems like it's on the rise (at least in our school district) and I can't put my finger on the reason why. Maybe the population explosion? Ever since the influx of newcomers to our area after 9/11, it seems to be worsening. What a shame. I see the problem much more at the high school level, rather than with the elementary kids. You know, there's racism both ways, but newcomers are bring a lot of that with them. However, what's really odd is that some of my friends that I always thought were liberal minded, aren't really that way. Just a few weeks ago, one of my friends made a comment that her daughter would never be able to date someone of another race. What?!?! I was flabbergasted. My personal rule is, as long as the dating specimen is kind, thoughtful, considerate, and treats you like a queen/king, that's really all that matters. It goes by the heart, not the color of one's skin. There's lots of trash around, unidentifiable by skin color--it goes every way.

There are other things that are irritating, but those are probably the top three on my mind this Saturday night.

BTW, was anyone at their local Rita's yesterday? It was free Italian Ice day at ours. DD#1 is a "Rita's Girl" and our local Rita's was swamped. DD#1 said she washed her hands when she got there and couldn't wash her hands until 3 hours later--so sticky and she thought they'd be permanently dyed. It was that busy!

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Keely said...

I think the blues hit everyone now and then, especially after a long winter.
A thought that occurred to me is that, in NZ, crime rise seems to go hand-in-hand with poverty/income pressure/tough economic times. I think inherent racism still exists and leads to assumptions that crime is being committed by certain groups of people. Thus, as crime rises, it fuels the racist beliefs and assumptions. The tough economic climate is also placing many people under stress and people react by fearing difference and hitting out. Unfortunately skin colour is an obvious difference. There's not a lot that can be done about others mindsets, but at least, as a teacher, you can provide an example for your students.
Sorry, can you tell I'm doing some Sociology at Uni this semester? :)