Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did You Know?

Did you know that I'm a certifiable idiot???

One thing I'm good at is making mistakes. I make a lot of them ;) . As Rhonda mentioned, I'm showing my age by mentioning Shorthand. Lesson No. 1 in Shorthand from my HS Business Teacher: Transcribe your notes right away. Waiting a week is not good for transcription.

So, it doesn't help to talk about things that I've done several years ago that I don't do anymore. Most of my top patterns I've used are TNT and don't need much in the alteration department. But way back when, I was taking a lot of alteration classes and would be working on my stuff and my daughter's things at the same time. Nothing like blending two things together that don't make sense.

Which is what I've done. I'm not rotating out the darts from my existing patterns to fit my daughter anymore, which I once did. But I didn't rotate out my excess at the side seams. At one point I wanted a dartless tee, very much so, and was so anal retentive about that issue. I got out my notes. Found an original pattern, the original pic, AND the original Q&A. Will revise my post to amend the errors of my ways 'cuz I forgot a quarter of the info in the post. I had to pull out my original grey top out of storage to see what I did.

Point is:

Rotate out the excess bust draglines and TRANSFER *for me*
Rotate out darts/ at the side seam *for DD#2*

There IS a story behind this. Let's see if I can remember what it is LOL, 'cuz I can't seem to remember anything else!

Duh! Pass the Certifiable Stamp please...


Rhoto said...

"idiot" :(... Rhonda's saying lots today, eh!! No four-letter words allowed when referring to oneself, eh!! (OK, it's a five-letter word.)
I'll give ya a few substitutes, OK, Kat?
"nice", "sharing", "caring", "fun",well, that's a start...
;) Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Kat said...

You are so nice, Rhonda!

goodworks1 said...

I can totally sympathize. I keep finding things to correct in my earlier posts. Memory is a strange, strange thing....

On the other hand, I'm learning that one of the advantages of blogging is that most of the time you do get it right and then you can go back and easily look it up when you need the info the next time!

Anyhow, I hope you will put up those photos and explanations again soon! :D I've still got that page open in a browser tab, but one of these days I'll have to reboot my computer... ;) -grin-


gwensews said...

The thing is--I remember taking shorthand, but cannot write a word of it now. Too bad we can't just plug in some RAM!