Saturday, March 14, 2009

7 Things I Hate About Spring

First off, I've had a terrible three weeks. It started with being rear ended, getting a terrible cold, DS#2 getting a terrible cold that necessitated a doctor visit, making more mistakes the last week with my sewing than I have in two years, had a bout with major adult acne, took my van back because the rear lights weren't working, had my head examined and cut open (yeah, you can laugh if you want to), and have done a lot of really stupid things. Next week I have to go to the plastic surgeon for another related, yet unrelated condition to my head thing, then to my other doctor to get my stitches out. Also, the temps are starting to change, and I can feel my skin starting to itch but am prepared with prescription cream. Let's hope it works.

Which brings me to the 7 Things I Hate About Spring, in no particular order:

1. Daylight Savings Time--that first week is horrendous!
2. Itchy, mucous allergy eyes in April
3. Up and down weather temps which drive me insane (and DH loves it!)
4. Anticipation of heat with humidity which will cause prickly heat on my skin.
5. April/May--terribly tired feeling in the morning, probably has something to do with allergies or the up and down temps.
6. Less time at my sewing machine because of warmer weather.
7. School letting out--it upsets my ordinary 9-month routine.

I'm sure most people could post about 7 things they hate about winter, but for me it's definitely spring. DH keeps telling my as soon as the girls graduate from high school, we're moving to Texas. Just as long as the dermatologist is up the block, I'm fine with that.

Sherril posted a comment as did others about Shorthand. Yes, I learned Gregg shorthand. Still use it. In fact, I'm certified to teach it with my Business Ed degree. I taught it in student teaching, but not on the job as most of my classes were computer programming, applications, or keyboarding/typing. A few years after I started teaching, it just disappeared off the radar at most schools. However, I love that I know it :) . It's like a special, secret code. And a few of my Gregg Shorthand sisters out there know that code. In fact, I write my Christmas lists in shorthand and can leave it out on the table, computer desk, or even on my fridge and no one will know. Or...I can taunt them about it ;) .

With all the awful sewing mistakes I've made lately, I've actually been able to produce a really nice bustier under the guidance of Kenneth King. This garment is a rock! I've made strapless dresses before with boning and all, but nothing like what he does. There's so much support in it, it's like a sport bustier LOL.

In fact, I self drafted the pattern copying an '80's Butterick bustier style top in my stash. I've always loved the pattern and this was the first time I've ever completely drafted a pattern from scratch. Thankfully, it turned out beautifully which makes up for the awful past few weeks. At this point it's just waiting for a zipper (on order) and a hem.

Okay, DD#1 is home from her date so it's time for bed.


gwensews said...

I'm with you about spring. Summer isn't any better.

I've heard Kenneth King is a wonderful teacher, and a hoot. Anxious to see the photos of your project.

Tamara said...

I hope this week is lots better for you!!

angie.a said...

Spring is exhausting for me too. I'm SO glad its spring break beginning Friday!! I actually didn't have much trouble with the time change though, I have insomnia so bad that it usually pushes me into a normal sleeping pattern for a few months. So I welcome it!

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

When you find a cure for the adult acne, PLEEEZZZZ let me know! I know my kids would feel ya on the allergy thing. Not sure why, but I don't suffer from it. I'm tired of being the only one cold in the house and I'm so ready for Spring. Now that you've gotten all that mess out of the way, now everything will go great for you for awhile.

goodworks1 said...

I sure hope you can figure out ways to reduce your body's overall inflammatory response so you won't suffer so much from all those sensitivities. My life is SO much better now that my health has improved. I truly sympathize!