Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phat Kat "Pick of the Week" Friday 3/20

I subscribe to about a number of blogs--not a lot, but not a little. That's why it's immensely helpful to me when people actually leave comments on my blog or when other bloggers post a blogroll (non scrolling is best me). It's how I find new blogs. I go by the premise "great minds think alike" :) .

That being said, every once and a while a blogger's project really strikes me fancy. So every Friday (yeah, I'm a day late so what's new) I'm going to pick a Phat Kat "Pick of the Week" project. One that I think deserves a shout out.

This week's pick?

I absolutely LOVE Robin's green print dress.

It's lovely, flattering, and a snappy print. Way to go, Robin. I covet your dress!!


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

That is so sweet of you, and I agree, it looks awesome on her. I left a comment!

Connie B said...

I like your idea! Sometimes if I have some time (not lately!) I like to go trolling. I try to go from blog to blog without visiting any blogs that I have seen before. SOmetimes I find some real gems! Yarn Crawl is a new one for me. Good on you for introducing her to us!