Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hold That Thought!

Been so busy!

I’ve been working on 13 small, embroidered gifts for DD#2’s Travel Softball team. Their first tournament is at the end of March. Currently I’m 3/4’s finished with the embroidery, then have to sew them up. The embroidery machine is smokin’, and I’m using part of the design Mary digitized for me. Thanks again, Mary!

Also working on my bustier. I cut the materials needed for it last night.

Ditto with my cape lining and got that cut too. The cape is such a simple project which for some reason is taking me forever to do and I don’t know why.

Working on web design.

Thinking about current pattern designs and my thoughts are taking me back to pattern memories from the ‘80’s. I LOVED ‘80’s patterns! They had such interesting details. I had this one Brooke Shield’s blouse pattern with a hidden button placket down the front. I loved that pattern and made a few blouses from it. Then there was this other one, a Jean Cacharel I believe. There were three totally different views on this one pattern and I made two out of the three. However, one was so distinct with dolman sleeves and a diagonal button placket going across the front. I’m not seeing that detailing in today’s patterns. I miss my ‘80’s patterns, although I do have a few left in storage.

And trying to sift through back notebook material for alteration blog posts. Of which I believe I made an error looking at two different past projects at once. What's new. So hold that thought, and I'll get back to you. Kind of like shorthand--transcribe when the material is fresh. Cold notes are ripe for inaccuracy. And I don't like mistakes.


Rhoto said...

"Kind of like shorthand--transcribe when the material is fresh. Cold notes are ripe for inaccuracy."
You're showin' your AGE!! Tee! Hee!! [I was asked during an interview if I had shorthand... Showed him TWO (short hands, that is!!) He didn't think I was funny... I didn't think he'd be fun to work with... 'Bye-Bye!!]
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

Sherril said...

Kat, do you know how to do Gregg shorthand? I thought I was the only one old enough to know how to write in shorthand. I still remember and use it sometimes.