Monday, May 12, 2008

Tomorrow, new pics, promise!

I've been steadily working on embroidery and sewing, I have 4 bags cut out, 2 for one softball team, two for another. I'm going to give two of the four to my friend who is a natural salesperson and could sell you the shirt off your back. Our daughters are on the same teams and if anyone could generate interest and possible purse orders, she can! (I'll give her a cut, of course :) .) The purse embroidery samples are going to be stitched into a wall hanging for DD#2. Two more floral purses are being worked on and a leather clutch, the same red leather from the vintage bag I made for the Handbag contest but in a cute clutch style.

My thoughts right now about the leather is to avoid pronounced curves. I was having issues on the flap curves but finally got it to work out and edgestitched the flap. It wasn't without "moments" though.

No garment sewing on the horizon. Lots of thoughts though, a coat has been cut out and sitting on my couch for months, a pattern already altered and ready to be cut, styles in my pattern box, few more weeks and things should settle down for some garment sewing. Right now it's just quick this and quick that type of projects.

And pictures? I'm planning on getting some up tomorrow! Lots of talk and no visual action make for a boring blog.


Rhoto said...

"Lots of talk and no visual action make for a boring blog."
You're FUNNY!! It's true, though, eh... Pics whet the appetite.
WOW, do you ever get things DONE!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

2BSewing said...

Looking forward to your pictures of your bags...especially the embroidery. I haven't touched my Janome in months. You sure are motivating me to embroider something...of course now I have to go through a couple hundred designs. lol!