Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Progress update

I took pics this morning! Here's the progress. The first pic is of the bags in various stages of progress. Sorry, I had to delete the one team name because it is an official organization and easily searchable. That one has the tagline, "Good Girls Hit and Steal" :) . The other is "Whipping the Wind Out of the Competition". I wanted cute catch-phrases for the bags and thought of those. The softball bags will have simple denim straps embellished with a narrow ribbon and a flap with a magnetic snap.

This pic shows the sample embroidery that I'm turning into a wall hanging. I fringed the edges and am going to recycle some denim for the backing, maybe using some bleach to add a star stencil around the border. Another rectangle still has to be create for her school team so there will be a total of three blocks.

And here's the boy who had a good game last night :) . In a little while I'm going to see my daughter's last 7/8 grade school team game. Hopefully I'll be able to get a video clip since I don't have any of her in action this season.

And I'm off to a very exciting softball game :) !


Alexandra said...

I really like the red leather! The embroidery looks great but my eyes just keep returning to the red leather. Time to sew up my stash to make room for some lush red leather.

~ Kimberlee ~ said...

What a cute idea. Don't they grow up so fast. I love seeing my kids play sports.

Rhoto said...

What a nice red leather purse!! Does it have a magnetic snap??
Thanks for your loyal visits to RHOTO'S RAG!! Not much sewing going on here, but we sure enjoy sharing our lives. And, I always appreciate your replies!!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal

Keely said...

Very cute! I like the red leather one.