Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Light" Sewing

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments on my clutch bag. I'm hoping to see my mother on Thursday to give it to her. My sister saw her last weekend and told her the picture does not do the leather justice, and I agree. And, of course, you cannot feel and smell the leather in a pic either ;) !

Yesterday I did about 15 minutes of sewing. DS#2 is home sick with a stomach-type of virus. His demeanor is absolutely fine, it's just that he can't leave the house. He helped me clean out the fridge and microwave yesterday too. You know my fridge was dirty when everyone opened the door and exclaimed, "Wow! It looks like a new fridge!"

Anyway, my 15 minutes of sewing was to put together the wall-hanging for my daughter's room using the purse embroidery samples. I'm recycling old denim jeans for the wall hanging, except for the embroidered pieces. Those were made from denim I purchased at about two months ago. When I got the denim, I didn't like it at all but figured it would make for great muslin fabric for pants or whatever. The wall-hanging fits into the whatever category.

This type of sewing is basically all I have time for these days. What's funny is, I enjoy making wall-hangings. I have no interest in quilting, but wall decor is actually of interest to me. (Note: wall decor does NOT include draperies 'cuz I hate making those too!). We have a wonderful talking parrot in our kitchen. I've been meaning to paint our main kitchen floor for about two years now, which includes our kitchen, living room, and bedroom hallway (ranch style home). Right now I have a wall hanging up in our kitchen that I purchased from Lillian Vernon maybe 10 years ago? It's showing its age. Really it's time to retire it. Embroidery Library is having a sale on bird designs that I really like. I love to make a wall-hanging in our kitchen next to our parrot cage of the various types of beautiful birds. There are about 7 or 8 designs I like and purchasing them would only set me back about $10. It's $1.88/design plus an additional $5 off the order.

Last week I saw Debra H's wall-hanging at Patternreview and loved it! So that's kind of what I would like to do on some of my walls. And it's the only type of sewing I have time for right now. We're right at the peak of our sports season and it's just crazy busy! But a little sewing every day helps keep me sane :) .

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